Eighth Grade

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  • The final year at St. Dennis School is a truly memorable one with many special activities and responsibilities. Eighth graders look forward to their roles as "family leaders." Each of our students, from grades 4K-8, belongs to a "family" for the entire year, under the leadership and guidance of an eighth grader. These families work on projects, pray together and support each other.

    Eighth graders participate in an online stock market game, create a magazine by choosing a person to research and a type of magazine to create, deciding on articles and other elements. They also practice writing traits discussed throughout the year by creating a Memory Book, which also serves as a remembrance of their middle school years. They also can take part in spelling bees and essay contests.

    The school year ends with a special overnight trip to Chicago for the class, and each student works hard at fundraising for this trip during the year by coordinating school bake sales, selling candy bars and coordinating a special "Santa's Workshop" where all students get a chance to shop for items for their families. Their years at St. Dennis School culminate in a special graduation mass, ceremony and reception.

    2017-18 Class Representative:
    Jessi Wilson -


The success of St. Dennis School can be credited to the active involvement of parents, teachers and children, who give so much time and energy to enriching the learning experience.

Sister Eileen Quinn, Reading Teacher

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