Peek At Our Week May 18



  • Monday:
  • Tuesday: Classroom Pack up.  Don’t forget to sign up for a time slot to come in and get your first graders belongings. 
  • Wednesday: Alayna’s Birthday- Zoom Party @ 4:30
  • Thursday:
  • FriYEAH: Zoom Beach Party! 
Mrs. Reischel

  • Week of May 18th:
  • Science (Mrs. Dorr):
BrainPopJr      username: StDennisSchool    password: stdennis1
Students can watch the video above about plant adaptations.
If students want to explore more, they can click on “Easy Quiz” below the video.

Religion and Art (Mrs. Brochtrup):


Computer (Mrs. Caulfield):


Music (Ms. Ann Marie):

Please enjoy your child’s part of the performance!

Tomorrow May 12, was our scheduled Spring Concert so for this week I would like you to perform your 3 songs that we had practiced while we had physical classes and sing them to your family. You might want to practice singing to a family pet or stuffed animals or dolls to start. 

Here are the links to music that we practiced:

Down the Bay

Aiken Drum

Honey Bee – Plank Road Publishing

Honey Bee, honey bee, 

won’t you do a little buzzin’ for me.

Honey Bee, honey bee,

 do a little buzzin’ for me!


Play kazoos humming the refrain, or put your fist on your mouth humming.

Repeat singing the verse then add:

Oh! Do a little buzzin’ for, just a little buzzin’ for, do a little buzzin’ for me!

Bzz bzz!

Enjoy the concert!

Mrs. Ann Marie