2nd Grade

Each day you will find a pdf link to Mrs. Dorn’s plans for the upcoming day.  These are exactly the same as the email she sends to each parent. If you scroll past the dates and line, there are plans from specials teachers.


Week of May 18th

Week of May 11th:

Science (Mrs. Dorr):

Students can complete the Generation Genius Biodiversity Survey. It is labeled week #7 at the top. It is going to be nice weather this week, so we are jumping to the week #7 activity. Students can go in their yard and draw the different plants and animals (and bugs) they can find. Then make tally marks for how many of each plant and animal (and bug) they find. Have fun exploring!If students want to explore more, they can click on “Easy Quiz” below the video.

Religion and Art (Mrs. Brochtrup):


Computer (Mrs. Caulfield):

Also, if your child uses a tablet, https://www.madisonpubliclibrary.org/kids/apps/appfinder is a great resource to find truly educational apps. There are many apps that tout themselves as educational, but this site can help sort through some of the fluffy or addictive ones and hopefully give your child some fresh resources for learning!

Music (Ms. Ann Marie);

Please enjoy your child’s part of the performance!

Tomorrow May 12, was our scheduled Spring Concert so for this week I would like you to perform your 3 songs that we had practiced while we had physical classes and sing them to your family. You might want to practice singing to a family pet or stuffed animals or dolls to start. 

Here are the links to music that we practiced:

Down the Bay

Aiken Drum

Honey Bee – Plank Road Publishing

Honey Bee, honey bee, 

won’t you do a little buzzin’ for me.

Honey Bee, honey bee,

 do a little buzzin’ for me!


Play kazoos humming the refrain, or put your fist on your mouth humming.

Repeat singing the verse then add:

Oh! Do a little buzzin’ for, just a little buzzin’ for, do a little buzzin’ for me!

Bzz bzz!

Enjoy the concert!

Mrs. Ann Marie