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Dear 4K Families:
We are trying something new this time and will have separate field trips (don’t worry they are to the same place) for boys and girls.  Wednesday was supposed to be our last day of 4K and we were going to celebrate by taking a field trip to the Hinchley Dairy Farm near Cambridge.  The field trip we are going to go on is to an Animal Farm where we will learn more about some of the animals we have been talking about in class and even some new ones!  I hope you can join us!  
On a side note, I would highly recommend a visit to Hinchley Dairy Farm sometime in the future-whenever it is allowed again!  There’s nothing like a real live dairy farm! 
  • Invite to the meeting is in email
  • Topic: 4k Girls Field trip!
  • Time: May 27, 2020 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
  • Invite to the meeting is in email
  • Topic: 4K Boys Field Trip
  • Time: May 27, 2020 10:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Music (Ms. Anne Marie):

Dear Parents of 4k-Kindergarten students,

Today is the day that we were scheduled to have our Spring Concert at 6:00pm.

Since that is not possible with the Pandemic and Safe at Home, I am sending the links to the songs that the children would have sung.  Ask them to do the actions along with the songs and perform their music for you this week.        My Mother is a Baker on Youtube Dr. Jean         My Hands  on my Head      5 Little Monkeys    

You will need to copy and paste these sites in google to get the sites.  I hope this works for you and your child enjoys going over the songs many times over! The verses on My mother is a Baker are a little different but are fun to sing.  On the song My Hands on my Head they said stomacho for stomach instead paniz which is what we sang in class.

I miss seeing and singing with all of you!

Please enjoy your personal performance of the concert!