Ms. Woods will be posting here.  Mrs. Dorn’s math assignments will be posted here, as well.  Below the line you will find weekly ideas from specials teachers.


4th Graders and 4th Grade Parents, 
Thank you for coming to pick up this packet!!! It is very much appreciated. I know this is a large packet, but don’t let it intimated you. We have stuff to last us for 6 weeks in here! 
I have a lot of information for you so I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible. 
I have attached a calendar for you to help keep your child on track. Each day has what assignments are due and what assignments he or she should work on that day. Keep in mind that there are a few assignments that are set up to have multiple days to work on. 
I am giving you 3 options for the first four weeks of Reading. You only need to pick ONE option. 
Option 1 – Because of Winn-Dixie 
Before we left school we were in the middle of reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie. I am going to continue reading the book through Zoom meetings and I have created some discussion questions and activities for students to participate with. You DO NOT need the book to choose this option! I will be reading one chapter every day on Zoom for the first 3 weeks. Then there is a writing assignment for the 4th week. If you cannot be at the Zoom meeting, I will record the meeting and post it on Google Classroom for you to watch on your own time. This option does take a little bit more scheduled time and use of technology.
Option 2 – Reading Passages
If you do not have the use of technology, you can’t use that much time on the computer, or would just like to do work on paper then the reading passages are probably your best choice. In this packet there are several reading passages that have comprehension questions attached with each one. Some passages have questions and activities that last a whole week, and others just last one day. There is a schedule for what passage to read on which day. You can check the calendar or it is also listed on the top of each paper. 
Option 3 – Book Report 
If your child is interested in reading their own book then this might be a good option for you. They can spend the first 3 weeks reading a NEW book of their own that they haven’t read before. (It can NOT be Dog Man, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants or any other “graphic novels”. Students already know this rule 🙂 ) It is important that they read the whole book before starting their report. After reading the book, they can spend the week of 5/4 – 5/8 writing a book report on their book. I want to leave this open-ended and allow for some creativity. They can do this book report however they want to. It can be a paper, a letter, a poster, a project, etc. They should talk about the characters, the setting, the plot, their experience while reading, etc. It should be more than just a summary of the book. If you want some more ideas on what you can do for the book report I have a lot of helpful resources.  Just let me know and I’d be happy to share. 
Along with choosing one of these options, I still highly recommend that students are reading for 20 minutes a night. I am a strong believer that the best way to get better at reading is to READ.
We have two writing assignments for the last two weeks of this packet (Week 5/11-5/14 and Week 5/18-5/21). An assignment about the best book we read this year and a letter to a new 4th Grader. I don’t like to put a length on the writing assignments because I think that limits the students to only writing a certain amount. We have a lot of different ranges of writers in our class. Try to aim for a few paragraphs in each assignment. 
For my class you will only have one page a day, however this is a lot of new information so it might be a little challenging. I will be sending out an email with links to some videos that will help you. We are working with fractions so I am also sending a link that has interactive fraction strips. Please use that to your advantage. That website will help you a lot! I will also be available on Zoom a few days a week to help anyone that has any questions with their math. I can help my kids or Mrs. Dorn/Mrs. McNally kids. 
There are two assignments a week for Religion. One assignment has to do with Easter, the Liturgical year, etc. and the other assignment has to do with a specific Saint. On the calendar I assigned them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they can be done anytime during the week. 
Social Studies 
There is one assignment a week for Social Studies. They all have to do with Wisconsin. I assigned them for Fridays but they can also be done anytime during the week. 
The calendar is there to help kids stay on track. I know some kids do a much better job when they know something must be done that day. However, I know some of you have different schedules and work much better without deadlines, so if you cannot stick to the calendar that is completely fine. It is just there to help guide you. 
Once you choose which option you will be doing for Reading, please let me know. Just a quick email telling me the option you choose will help me make sure everyone is on track and understanding the directions. 
Please, please, please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help you!  All documents can be found in the individual emails from Ms. Woods.


Mrs. Dorn’s Math Group

Week of May 18th:


Week of May 18th:

Spanish (Senora Boerke):

Packets Answer Key

Science (Mrs. Dorr):

BrainPop     username: StDennisSchool    password: stdennis1
Students can watch the video above about microscopes. Then they need to complete the microscope worksheet from their packets. They need to label the parts of a microscope. 
If students want to explore more, they can click on “Easy Quiz” below the video.

Art (Mrs. Brochtrup):

Hello students,

When I walk my dog in our neighborhood, I see a lot of sidewalk chalk messages and art.  This made me think of an art project I do with your grade levels in the spring and I thought I’d share that idea with you in case you want to try it.  What you do is make a drawing of a story, scene, animal, and then leave room for you to be in the picture.  Attached are some photos of the chalk drawings from last year.  I found this idea for drawing a scene on the sidewalk and then putting a person in that scene on Pinterest.  If you want more ideas for what you could create, go ahead and search ‘sidewalk chalk scenes for kids’.  An adult will need to get up on a step ladder to take the picture from above.  I’d love to see what you create!                                                                                                   
I miss you all,
Mrs. Brochtrup

Computer (Mrs. Caulfield):

Tynker, Build Your Own Emoji (On Google Classroom)

Music (Ms. Ann Marie):

May 12, was our scheduled date for the Spring Program which was canceled due to the Pandemic. We practiced your songs in the classroom in March and then reviewed them in Distance Learning. Your assignment is to sing your songs to your family this week so they know what you have worked on. The two songs:

Here is a new copy of It’s All About the Music and Rocky Mountain in a mp3 form which should work on all devices. I will also include the sheet music for It’s All About the Music in case you 

did not get a chance to pick it up at school. When you sing along with the audio of Rocky mountain, please use the hand signs on the refrain singing do mi so do,  do remember me. 

When working with It’s all About the Music  sing along and clap when you see the clap signs above the lyrics. This may take several practices, but I think you can do it and I hope that you also enjoy it!

I miss you, and I am praying for your health and that you find some joy in every day even though you aren’t in school with your friends.

 Mrs. Ann Marie