5-8th Grade Math

Students in grades 5-8 (and a few 4th graders) are divided into a variety of levels of math.  All math classes are considered core classes and will have work that must be completed.  Each teacher is handling his/her class a little differently.  Please contact your child’s teacher directly if you should have questions pertaining to math content.

ms.hanson@st-dennisschool.org (mostly 5th grade students)

Work from Mrs. Hanson for her math group only:

This is your next set of assignments.  If you haven’t gotten through the other math I gave you, DON’T START THIS YET.  🙂   Remember to work on one lessons a day.  Look at your book for examples first.  Homework 18.1 and Homework 18.2 shouldn’t be that difficult.  I will attach a few videos to help with 18.3,  but look at your book first to see if you can figure it out.


ms.pitz@st-dennisschool.org (mostly 5th/6th mixed class)

mr.schmidt@st-dennisschool.org (mostly 5th-7th mixed class; “Book 1”)

mr.helgerson@st-dennisschool.org (mostly 6th-8th mixed class; “Book 2”; has a google classroom set up)

ms.melo@st-dennisschool.org (mostly 7th and 8th mixed class; “Pre-algebra”; has a google classroom set up)

mr.pothof@st-dennisschool.org (8th grade; “Algebra”; has a google classroom set up)