An Academic Community Rooted in Catholic Values

St. Dennis School is a fully accredited 4K-8th grade parochial school located on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. In partnership with parents, we create a safe learning environment that meets students’ spiritual, academic, emotional, physical and social needs, integrating Catholic values into all aspects of school life.

Our Beliefs


All students should be given the opportunity to learn and succeed with the goal of exceeding his or her potential.


All students have value, worth and the right to be treated with respect and dignity.


All students have the right to privacy, their opinion and personal safety.


All students have the right to have their individual needs addressed.

School Safety

St. Dennis School is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment where students can learn and teachers can teach without threat or fear. From building security to assessing and monitoring the emotional wellbeing of our students to strict behavior and anti-bullying policies, we strive to maintain a joyful setting of mutual respect and support.

The St. Dennis School and Parish Community

In 1959, when St. Dennis Parish was just three years old, it began planning and building the school under the direction of Father Joseph C. Niglis. Dedicated by Bishop William P. O’Connor on September 4 of 1960, the school began teaching first and second graders just three days later. Today, St. Dennis School, under the guidance of Father Randy Timmerman and our Principal, Matt Beisser, continue to be a part of the St. Dennis Community, educating approximately 275 students and serving about 180 families each year.

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