All Electives

All computer classes, Spanish classes and books have required assignments.  Mrs. Caulfield posted hers below, as well as on google classroom.  For many of the electives classes, teachers are making suggestions (but not requiring) of ways to incorporate the elective content into a variety of activities your child may already be doing.  If you have concerns please reach out to the specific teacher.

Art (Mrs. Brochtrup):

Computer classes (Mrs. Caulfield):

Lego Robotics:

Assignments turned in on Google Classroom


Assignments turned in on Google Classroom

  • Submit Stop Motion plan/proposal and how you will record/edit (what device & editing app or software) Due 3/24/20
  • Take Vocab Quiz (Due 3/27/20)
  • Record and edit Stop Motion movie, upload to Google Classroom (Due 4/14/20)


Graphic Design:

Assignments turned in on Google Classroom

  • Type-in Typography Vocabulary definitions to Google Sheet from study set (Due 4/3/20)
  • Study Vocab on
  • Take “What Font are you?” Quiz and write a group comment on your result (agree/disagree) (Due 4/3/20)