Art for Everyone

Greetings St. Dennis Students!

In an effort to encourage more students to be creative, I am inviting all the students to participate in an art contest!  This is completely optional, and yes, there are prizes for the winners!  The theme of the contest is “We Are Better When we are Together”   The requirements are listed below and I also recorded a Zoom meeting explaining this with ideas to get you all started!  
“We are Better When we are Together” Recycled Art Contest
1. Everyone can participate but entries will be judged by grade level groups.
4-K through 1st grade, 2nd through 4th grades, and 5th through 8th grade.  
2. Prizes are $20 for 1st place winners and sketchbook for 2nd place
3. Whatever you create must be made out of recycled materials, grocery bags, tin cans, bottle lids, old book pages, magazines, see the Zoom Video for more ideas.
4. It must reflect in some way the theme, “We are Better When We Are Together”   
5. It must be done primarily by the student
6. The judges will not be a part of the St. Dennis school family.  The entries will be judged on how well they communicate the theme, how carefully they are made (simple and well done is better than complicated and done without much care), and how creative they are.  
7. To enter just email me,,  a photo of your artwork making sure you include the student’s name.
8. The deadline is May 15.  Winners will be announced on May 18.  All entries will be posted on the St. Dennis Facebook page. 
Hello St Dennis Families,
I have continued to search for art activities I think are easy to do with materials most families will have on hand. Below is a link for Pinterest Magic Flowers.  While the paper flowers will not last, I would suggest you take some photos of the “paintings” that happen as the colors bleed out into the water.  If you really like the images you get, send them to shutterfly, Walgreens or any photo print place and have them made into cards, magnets, t-shirtss, you could even make wall art posters or canvases!   
Be creative and healthy,
Mrs B