Join Our Catholic School Community

If you’re interested in becoming a part of St. Dennis School, you’ve made a first step in providing your child with a holistic education that meets his or her academic, emotional and spiritual needs. Here is the information you need to get started.

St. Dennis School Tuition

For St. Dennis Parish members enrolled prior to August, 2014 and grandfathered families:

One child $2,835
Two children $5,227
Three children $7,286
Four children $9,013

For St. Dennis Parish members enrolled after August, 2014:

One child $2,835
Two children $5,227
Three children $7,457
Four children $9,385

For non-St. Dennis parish members:

One child $4,073
Two children $7,720
Three children $10,960
Four children $13,797

In addition to base tuition rates, families will be expected to pay a $300 curriculum fee per child and a $50 playground fee per family. St. Dennis Parish members are expected to give a minimum of $400 per year to the church, or pay a $400 fee to the school. Additional costs per grade level (i.e. 5K mat fee and science materials fees) also apply.

If you are need of financial assistance, we have many ways we can help. Our Sponsor-A-Student Programs helps pay for the parochial school education for as many as 40 students annually. Simply fill out the form below and our school principal will be in touch to provide you with options.

Need to pay tuition? You can now do so online. To get started, click below.


Not only is it affordable, it’s a fantastic investment. Catholic values are integrated into much of their curriculum. Teachers have their pulse on how your kid is doing emotionally, as well.

Monica Simpson, St. Dennis School Parent


My son is ADHD, and it has been difficult to find a school that accommodates his needs. St. Dennis has worked with us and our son loves going to school and enjoys all it has to offer.

Tricia McDonough, St. Dennis School Parent


People often ask me how St. Dennis School continues to grow in enrollment and why so many people want to go to our school I tell them it is simple. We don’t go to St. Dennis School, we are St. Dennis School.

Matt Beisser, St. Dennis School Principal

Letter of Intent

If you’re ready to commit to St. Dennis, download the following Letter of Intent. Fill it in, then simply click the submit button at the end of the document. It will be delivered directly to our principal.

Schedule a Tour or Make an Inquiry

Want to visit our school for a tour? Have specific questions you’d like answered? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.