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2019 School Play Details – Wizard of Oz

April 1 - April 5

School Play Sign up:
To sign up, simply email play coordinator, Krista Nowicki at:


Please provide your child’s/children’s 1)name 2)grade 3)preferred parent contact info, especially for Monday in case your child needs to stay for a preliminary rehearsal.

If your child is “on the fence,” about wanting to audition, please indicate this to me as well.

Detailed play procedures: 

Auditions- will be immediately after school in the school gym on Monday until about 4:20pm. Auditions are group auditions in which the play directors from Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre place all of the kids in a semi-circle from shortest to tallest and have the kids do a variety of group exercises in order to determine casting for all of the roles. These exercises are things like improvising specific lines with different volumes, inflections, facial expressions, and physical actions. Typically, younger children are cast into a group of identical roles (like “townspeople,” for example).
Casting- After the group audition, the play directors give the kids a break and take about 10-15 minutes to put together the cast list. Once this is done, they then line up the kids in groups to announce their roles and ask them to provide their parents’ contact information. This year, I will put together “neck tags” (with the information you provide in your sign up email to me) ahead of time so that this process goes faster.
Schedule and logistics- The rehearsal schedule somewhat varies from year to year and each student will be given the specific rehearsal schedule for their specific role. On Monday, some students will be asked to stay immediately after auditions for a preliminary rehearsal until about 6:30pm. Chaperones will help all of the kids to notify their parents but the students who have phones tend to contact their parents independently. Please indicate your preference for this when you email me to sign up. On Tuesday, rehearsals are often split into 2 with 1/2 the cast rehearsing from 3:15-5:15 and the other half from 5:30-7:30. On Wednesday and Thursday, the full cast rehearses from 3:15-7:30. On Friday during school, there will be a full cast dress rehearsal, prep for performance, and then an in-school performance from 2:00-3:00. There will also be an evening performance from 7:00-8:30.

Important Notes:

  • Participation available to 2nd-8th grade St. Dennis students only
  • All students who audition will be cast in the play.(Behind the scenes roles also available)
  • Attendance for your specific rehearsal schedule is mandatory.
  • Please provide a snack and/or sack dinner for your child for any  after-school rehearsals they will attend


Rehearsal Schedule:
Monday 4/1 2:20-4:20 ~ Group auditions in school gym

Monday 4/1 4:30-6:30 ~ Partial cast preliminary rehearsal in school gym*

Tuesday 4/2 3:15-5:15 ~ Partial cast rehearsal in school gym*

Tuesday 4/2 5:15-7:30 ~ Partial cast rehearsal in school gym*

Wednesday 4/3 3:15-7:30 ~ Full cast rehearsal in school gym

Thursday 4/4 3:15-7:30 ~ Full cast rehearsal in school gym

Friday 4/5 10:00-11:30 ~ Full cast dress rehearsal in school gym

Friday 4/5 1:00-2:00 ~ Prep for performance in school gym

Friday 4/5 2:00-3:00 ~ In-school performance in school gym

Friday 4/5 7:00-8:30 ~ Evening performance in school gym

*Specific rehearsal schedules for each actor will be provided after auditions are completed and all roles are cast.



April 1
April 5


Krista Nowicki


St. Dennis School Gym
409 Dempsey Road
Madison, 53714 United States
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